A haiku-esque photo amble on a long beach …

Stratified clouds jostling for attention, a self effacing Sun, quietly forming dunes, all conspired to create the perfect sand and spray in Ocean County, New Jersey; a day that began with oysters, after a long leisurely drive that ended finally on a long stretch of beach that provoked spurts of inspired Haiku.

I call it my haiku~esque Photo-Amble. It quite succinctly sums up the day.

Lime seasons oysters,
Seasons flavour and favour,
Seasonal spaces ...
Invisible as yet,
the wind gathers strength and scores
Virgules in the sand.
Bolls of stratus clouds,
Provoke a wet salty ocean
To passionate rage.
Bracing chilly winds,
Rip currents with folded wings,
The Avian stoics.
An immense vastness,
A limiting horizon,
Perceptions only ...
Yielding blades of grass
David to Goliath sea.
Soft, undefeated ...
Stern, misty eyed clouds
Solipsize with gravity.Us,
Happily in love,
Watching Cheerily
Eventide sunlight fading
Into bright warm wood ...

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