The colour of eggs and haunting Ladino melodies

So you wake up one morning and look at the stash of eggs you have squirrelled away for a day like this, a day of many such in isolation and it occurs to you to be grateful to your source of food. Perhaps, these are the signs of struggling with finding meaning in social isolation, a profound meaning in eggs? How so?


Legbar and Marans Eggs ~ DES

The blue and milk chocolate brown ovoids are so pleasing that I feel utterly reluctant to crack the shell for the delicious amber yolk. The eggs are from unique breeds of fowl is what the carton advises, eggs sourced from Marans and Legbar hens. Do you know, there are so many varieties of chicken breeds that are prized for their laying abilities. The Copper Marans  were originally bred from indigenous feral fowl of India and Indonesia in the French town of Marans. They are not a docile breed of chicken but the Legbar is, which makes me wonder again about the transference of  traits of what we consume to what we become, after all, we are what we eat.

So, does the Legbar egg increase my amenability to suggestion, make me compliant? Does the Marans inocuous oval brown avian extrudate grant me the temporary shine of swagger? What quaint thoughts to harbour on personality changing ovoids, I further think of choices made by industry in breeding egg laying fowl. This thinking steadily builds into a singular concatenation of thoughts that finally arrive at a place of questioning the ethics of mass culling of female or male chicks, depending on the commercial purpose of the fowl. This surely destroys my appetite, for a while.

A morbid way to affect the quality of breakfast with the gravity of thought.


Spring flowers ~ DES

The day’s exercise was in contrast, truly a walk in the park! Yasmin Levy, her passion and pain in words of longing for love, accompanied by the nuances of Flamenco on guitar, the clear strings of the Oudh, makes you want to walk slower, while you watch the sun glisten on the water. The album Mano Suave is from more than a decade ago but the melodies in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish, Romance language spoken by Sephardic Jews ), Arabic and Hebrew, all amalgamate to add a sombre note to the day. Voices of longing, voices in words that I don’t understand but the meaning in sound is not lost on me.

Una Noche Mas, the most haunting Spanish song I have heard in a long while,                    La tierra se hundía bajo mis pies, fui cayéndome al vacío, sin poderme agarrar a la vida (The ground was sinking beneath my feet, I gradually fell into the abyss, unable to hold on to life)

Odecha, glorifying God in Hebrew, to the intermittent sounds of the Oudh and a clear male voice ringing out in exhortation perhaps or praise, is a piece that I find very striking, it sets a pace to midday contemplation, obliterates almost all thought of Avian commerce except for the gentle meandering of Canadian geese along the quay.


Canadian Geese trailing water ~ DES


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