My hand in your hand – Love during Lockdown

It feels quaint and surreal, holding hands in these times of probable viral transmission. But Spring is here and Octave Noire sings of the times of Cherries, for which it is not quite the time yet. My hand in your hand, from the Sun to the heart… the beautiful ones will have madness in mind…

I love this song, My hand in your hand, it’s a medley of sounds, experimental Electronic music and I like walking to this step sometimes. It has this beautiful introduction with the sound of the West African Ngoni and then everything else that builds into a crescendo before the verse. The Ngoni is a lute ( the kind played by musical genius, Bassekou Kouyate), a part of the Mandinka Culture and the Mandingo people who subscribe to this claim descent from the Malian Empire.


It prompts me to attempt to play the bard today…

Sonnet etched in bark

                       by Davina E. Solomon

It’s rugged, the trunk of this grand tree
Taller than which I’ve yet to see

And down below, an oval clearing
That could have sported a fairy ring

Holding fort in a mid air nest
A sprightly squirrel tries hard to rest

While this tree bears, a lovers mark,
Multiple sonnets thus etched in bark

Strange times of self incarceration, these,
For the modern humans, habilis

Quaint notions of holding a hand
Do digital natives quite understand?

But the breath of Spring is a grand affair
For those  alive, love’s in the air


Sonnet etched in bark by DES





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