And while you were sleeping ……

…… Spring arrived, unannounced.

Lately, while the world has been inundated with news of pandemics and viruses, portentous of a global standstill, Nature does what it always does best … surprises you!

And however many times you see the same flowers bloom, the same trees in bud, the same landscapes in various stations of awakening, it continues to enthrall and holds your gaze a little while longer. What is it, if not an addiction to the greens, pinks and all hues of the spectrum that charm us in every single season; the colours remain the same, it is perhaps the passing of the years then, that add a depth to sensitivity and perspective.

I walked along the river today, to the sound of Chava Alberstein singing Di Goldene Pave. In this Yiddish folksong, the poetess exhorts her sad, tender, bright but restless beloved to sleep. Nature does not sleep, not for long, it awakens with colour. When all around is awash in beauty, it is hard to imagine a cosmic indifference to life of such intricate botanic machinations that prepare the Earth a palette for gratuitous art.

All is well with the world I think.


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