Enchantment with the everyday and everyplace

The oft repeated exertions in visiting the typical itinerant’s haunts can be reassuring and sometimes the easy way out when travelling. It can be rather trying and taxing, to give in to flights of extravagant  expectations while planning an itinerary to a well know landmark, with a heart that is constantly tugging towards beyond the beaten track, exclusivity …

What is it in the mundane and ubiquitous that so frightens us? And the mundane too is never static.

Then there are also well thought out plans but no schedule can be engraved in stone besides the basic intentions to be accomplished.

There must always be opportunity for surprises, most of which are not annoying vexations or hindrances; they might just as well be plans within plans. And in that lies the beauty of the everyday and everyplace, that there is scope for surprises and the potential for enchantment.

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